First of all, let’s get the obligatory biographical highlights out of the way:

Born in Michigan. Earned a BS in Interior Design; recruited by SmithGroup right out of college, then Teich Davis, then a stint with Polo Ralph Lauren as Interior Designer/Senior Associate. Launched my own design firm after moving to Atlanta, where I taught Interior Design at Westwood College.

Now for the real reason we’re both here. Simply put, my job is to help you realize your best life. This involves far more than selecting the right cord trim or the perfect chandelier. It’s a series of strategic decisions that helps you live the dream of your right life, a life of comfort, beauty and joy, and a dream that until now you perhaps have not been able or willing to articulate.

Someone once told me I had delusions of grandeur. I think he was half right. I have a vision of grandeur: a concept of luxury that represents living well, in whatever form that takes in your life, and that is driven by function, beauty and real value.

Are you ready?

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